• Let’s go to the Great Wall to see the red leaves

      Company activities —— see red leaves! October is a good time to see red leaves. Jiankou Great Wall is located in Badaohe Township in the northwest of Huairou District, the outskirts of Beijing, with an altitude of 1141 meters and a distance of about 30 kilometers from Huairou C...
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  • Visiting customers in Europe

      In order to better serve customers and understand their needs in time, Zhang always visits customers in Europe.       In-depth understanding, to better provide customers with quality services      
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  • Order completed! Perfect!

      Order completed! Perfect!      
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  • European customer’s goods, work out

     European customers’goods, with the efforts of workshop workers, will be delivered on time  SK-A213  CDI unit unrestricted for Kymco (DC CDI),30410-KEB7-900 unrestricted
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            There is a saying in China: “Spring is the year’s plan.” In order to complete the orders of German customers, the factory   finish on schedule. The company rewards its employees and carries out group building activities – — to go to Xinghu...
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  • Nine mountains and water to see the waterfall

    Nine mountains and water to see the waterfall

    Nine mountain waterfall scenic spot – the national AAAA level scenic area, national forest park, located in shandong jinan XiYing town, is one of the birthplace of seventy-two name spring springs, jinxiuchuan reservoir, the source of new springs is one of the eight sights “nine such a...
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  • Zhangxia apricot flowers

    Zhangxia apricot flowers

    Apricot blossom in March and mature in May.In the flowering season, entering the tourist area, it is like entering the sea of flowers, the wind swaying branches, the four fields are fragrant, just like a piece of cloud floating in the mountains, it is the first flower in early spring.  Apricot bl...
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  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    Spring Festival is the traditional Chinese New Year in the cultural circle of Chinese characters.On the occasion of the Spring Festival————————————- happy New Year!  Big red lucky word hang up, congratulation wealth!
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  • Picking strawberries after ather

    Picking strawberries after ather

       The company weekend activity, everybody goes to pick strawberry.   Family, our favorite!
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  • Look at the old castle!

    Look at the old castle!

    The long history of ancient streets, the long history of culture, along the history of the mark, the ancient traces, walk to see.  
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  • Korean clients come to our company to discuss cooperation.

    Korean clients come to our company to discuss cooperation.

    On January 19, 2018, Korean customers came to our company to negotiate business. Communicate with our engineers for technical details.     Negotiation is successful.Happy cooperation!
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  • Our activities

    Our activities

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  • Show us

    Show us

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  • Colorful us

    Colorful us

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