Let’s go to the Great Wall to see the red leaves


Company activities —— see red leaves!

October is a good time to see red leaves. Jiankou Great Wall is located in Badaohe Township in the northwest of Huairou District, the outskirts of Beijing, with an altitude of 1141 meters and a distance of about 30 kilometers from Huairou County. The mountain situation is very changeable. The great wall above the steep peak and cliff appears more magnificent and dangerous. Jiankou Great Wall is named for its W-shape and full bow and arrow. Jiankou Great Wall is one of the most famous dangerous sections of the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty, and it is the section with the highest percentage of being photographed in various Great Wall albums in recent years.






At the east end of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty, there is a section of the Great Wall in the valley near Shanhaiguan. It is like a boa that swims down from the top of the cliff, directly into the bottom of the valley, and gallops up along the back of the mountain. It naturally forms the trend of “hanging the Great Wall upside down”, which makes the tourists admire it.








Post time: Nov-06-2019