Nine mountains and water to see the waterfall

Nine mountain waterfall scenic spot – the national AAAA level scenic area, national forest park, located in shandong jinan XiYing town, is one of the birthplace of seventy-two name spring springs, jinxiuchuan reservoir, the source of new springs is one of the eight sights “nine such as organ” is among them.With an area of 36 square kilometers, the scenic area has created the core landscape of “mountains, waterfalls, stacks, streams and ponds”, forming a large and unique natural ecological landscape rarely seen in northern China.

When we reach jiushan mountain, we appreciate the waterfalls.Hangs falls through the canyon, cascading nine falls, from tianchi has been streamed to Teng snake tam, hanging dozens, thousands of varieties.Tianhe flying practice, silver snow pouring, water vapor transpiration, during which the mountains and waters reflect each other, beautiful scenery breeding.Or with momentum, Shouting, or beautiful, graceful.The water moves the wind, sending out the outside of the string qingyin;The spring cascaded into the air and splashed pearls of jade in the mist.

Jiushan is famous for its natural mountains and waters. The mountain depends on the water potential.From a distance, you can see the springs into streams, streams into waterfalls, waterfalls into ponds, pools linked together, into eight pools of mirrors.It is called: the canyon has flow, gathered in the pinghu, mountain spring trickles down, into a high lake.Layer upon layer of zhang, layer upon layer of water storage, throughout the year, no matter the weather, rain or drought, no matter the climate, jiushan water is always so clear and jade clean, moistening the mountain.Visitors can sail in the lake, play in the water, enjoy the sky opening painting, touch the water scene unreal change, open mind to absorb the infinite inspiration of nature.



Post time: Jun-04-2018